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Seven Cities Appliance 30 Day Warranty

Privacy Policy

No spam. No secret third-party email. No selling, loaning, sharing or any other "ing" of your personal information without your consent.

Product Warranties

Seven Cities Appliance is a reseller of used products manufactured by other companies. Our appliances come with a FREE 30 Day Warranty for parts and Labor unless other wise stated. For warranty claims, please contact us at 757-809-5284

Returns and refunds Policy

Appliances can be returned within our time of operations. Monday - Saturday from 9am to 6 pm. All Sales are final. In certain circumstances you may return a product before it is delivered.

House Calls

If customer requests warranty service and the problem is caused by the customer (such as a clogged drain, improperly installed water hoses, unlevel appliance, blown circuit breaker, objects in fans or pumps causing machine to malfunction etc.), or any other malfunction caused by customer, then customer will be responsible for the cost of the service call $30.00.

Store Policies

There are no refunds. Items such as self-cleaning mode, leveling legs, broken shelves, cosmetic items, fill hoses, and any item resulting from customer's misuse are not covered under this warranty.

If you take your appliance home in your own vehicle, you understand that only major mechanical errors to parts such as motors, belts, timers, compressors, fans, water pumps, heating elements, and lid and door switches are covered under this warranty. If you damage the item during transit or installation, it is not the responsibility of Seven Cities Appliance to repair or replace the item.

Service Call

Should Seven Cities Appliance need to make repairs, a service call will be scheduled within three (3) business days of reported mechanical failure and said repairs shall be completed within seven (7) business days from the time all parts are received by Seven Cities Appliance. If customer or a third party other than that ordered by Seven Cities Appliance works on your appliance, the warranty from Seven Cities Appliance is null and void. This warranty is extended to the original purchaser as set forth in the invoice and is not transferable to subsequent purchasers of the appliance.

Limit of Liability

Seven Cities Appliance shall not be responsible for any damage caused by appliance failure including, but not limited to, fire, flooding, personal injury, death, damage to personal or real property such as spoiled food, or any other liability whatsoever. The following is specially excluded from warranty coverage: misuse, abuse, improper transportation, installation or operation of the appliance, the modification of the appliance, or damage to the appliance due to the negligence of the customer.


If you have a trade-in or Seven Cities Appliance delivery team removes your old appliance, you understand that Seven Cities Appliance will attempt to repair and resell your appliance and any other items or accessories in/or the unit. You waive ownership of this appliance as soon as you trade it in.

Delivery fee

Is for one trip only. Seven Cities Appliance takes no responsibility for damage to items that are taken home by customer, left at the home while customer is not there, or for any damage due to the delivery of your appliance(s).

Abuse of Return Policy

Seven Cities Appliance reserves the right to refuse to sell to any person for any reason not prohibited by law, including, but not limited to, abuse of its return policy.